Setting up database replication is not enough if you do not have complete oversight on the state of the replication and ability to manage failover betwen your database servers.

OctopusDR provides intuitive dashboard to manage your database replication and failover. Securly access your dashboard from mobiles, tables or laptops.

Mavorion has developed a perfect solution  for your applications and workloads. Our database experts evaluate your database, perform optimizations and audit, setup replication and OctopusDR provides you with visibility, notifications and control.

Key features of our solution:

  • db Optimization and Audit
  • db Replication
  • Visibility with intuitive dashboard
  • Notifications
  • Failover management and control

The solution is ideal for mission-critical application in Banking, Health, Government and large enterprise applications.

Supported Databases:

  • Oracle Database
  • MySQL/MariaDB
  • PostgreSQL

OctopusDR Advantage

OctopusDR provides you with web-based dashboard providing visibility, notifiactions and control over your database replication as well as manage failover of database workloads.

Developed by Mavorion System, OctopusDR has been widely used, trused and reliable solution providing a cost effective alternative that is database aware and can adapt to your changing needs.

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