• Coral
    Highly Scalable Online Library Management System
  • OctopusDR
    Enterprise Database Replication and Failover Management
  • Dolphin
    Online Integrated Managment Information System for Healthcare


  • OctopusDR

    Setting up database replication is not enough if you do not have complete oversight on the state of the replication and ability to manage failover betwen your database servers.

    OctopusDR provides intuitive dashboard to manage your database replication and failover. Securly access your dashboard from mobiles, tables or laptops.

    Key features of our solution:

    • Database Audit
    • Optimization
    • Replication status
    • Notifications
    • Failover Management

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  • Web Presence

    We specialize in building modern web sites that look professional, load quickly, and offer the latest functionality and interactivity. Although we are based in Kathmandu, we provide choice of multiple hosting locations both in Nepal and outside the country to provide the best browsing experience for your website visitors.

    Key features:

    • Design, Development, Security Enhancement, Speed optimization
    • Content Generation and Presentation
    • Profession Look and Feel


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  • Coral


    Coral is a flagship product of Mavorion Systems. It is a complete Integrated Library Management system built from ground up keeping in mind the ever-changing requirements of modern libraries with large user base and multiple locations. Coral is a modular LMS with intuitive and comprehensive dashboards for staff. All common tasks are quick to perform and reports are on your finger-tips. Library members (also known as patrons) have a separate portal called OPAC – Online Public Access Catalogue – that is accessible over any device supporting standard-compliant web-browser.

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